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Dollar steady, markets take North Korea missile test in stride

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TOKYO The dollar edged higher against a basket of currencies on Monday, moving away from last week's 6-1/2-month lows and shrugging off news of North Korea's latest missile test as investor attention turned to the Federal Reserve's expected interest rate hike next month.
The dollar index, which tracks the U.S. currency against a basket of six major rivals, inched up 0.1 percent to 97.502, holding well above last week's nadir of 96.797, its lowest since Nov. 9.
The U.S. economy was at or near the Federal Reserve's goals of full employment and stable prices, Williams said, adding that the U.S. central bank wanted to ensure markets stayed calm as the Fed slowly returned interest-rate policy to normal.
Gross domestic product grew at an annual 1.2 percent in the first quarter, faster than the 0.7 percent reported last month, though softening business investment and moderate consumer spending might impede an acceleration in the second quarter.
With U.S. and UK markets closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday, major currency pairs were likely to tread water, with few incentives to take new positions.
The South African rand rose to a two-month high of 12.6300 per U.S. dollar, after South African President Jacob Zuma defeated a no-confidence motion against him at a meeting of top officials of the ruling African National Congress on Sunday.
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